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The film industry has also gone through some significant transformations throughout the past. Films that are produced in today’s world have the need to be equipped with a bigger crew. This has given life to a large number of crew call jobs hiring in Hollywood. Since the bigger crews are not needed at all times, part time crew call jobs have also been created. This helps the film production companies to get the actors needed whenever there is a requirement.

How films have changed throughout my lifetime by the help of crew call job hiring in producing films in Hollywood

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The development of technology has created an impact on all the aspects of people’s lives, also it has affected the crew call jobs in Hollywood. This fact can be applied to the film industry as well. When I was a kid, I remember going to the theatre every Saturday evening with my family members to watch a movie. In fact, that was the only chance that I got to watch a movie. However, time has changed everything and now I watch movies on a daily basis.

I have heard about the black and white movies that my parents used to watch. However, I did not get the chance to watch a black and white movie at a theatre. The first ever movie that I watched in a theatre was Titanic and that was back in 1997. It was a classic movie and I was able to watch many other classic movies at that time and there were already some decent crew call jobs that you could apply because of those block buster movies in the 90s.

These are the biggest movies in Hollywood that needed a big crew call jobs in the 90s

  • Titanic
  • Godzilla
  • Armageddon
  • Starship Troopers

Those days we had a VHS player at our home as well. My father used to bring some VHS cassettes home when he was coming home for summer break. I can still remember how he cleaned the fungi that are getting accumulated in these VHS tapes after some time. Moreover, I still remember how he got back to the starting point of the movie after rewinding. After some time, VCDs came to the world and then my father bought a VCD player. About two or three VCDs were there for a single movie because of the duration. When I watched one part of the movie, I had to put the other CD into the player to watch the next part. At this time, we bought a new computer as well. As a result, we got the opportunity to watch those CDs on computer.

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After a couple of years, DVDs were introduced and we had to throw away our VCD player and purchase a DVD player. In addition, they were able to include a single movie within a one DVD as well. Therefore, I got the opportunity to watch a movie from the beginning to the end without getting distracted. In fact, DVDs delivered a better experience when compared to VCDs.

During this time, computer graphics was introduced to the movies. I still remember how I was amazed after watching the movie Avatar at theatre. I really enjoyed the 3D graphics and I was in love with every scene of that movie. Avatar was not the first movie to come out with 3D graphics. However, I believe that it was a significant milestone in the history of films.

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The era of DVDs came to an end after a couple of years. They were replaced by Blu-Ray discs. The Blu-Ray discs have a larger capacity when compared to Blu-Ray discs. Along with the introduction of Blu-Ray discs, 3D movies were also introduced. In the meantime, we purchased a 3D television as well and I got the opportunity to get a brand new experience by watching 3D movies at home. I really loved the realistic nature of these movies.

As a result of the introduction of 3D movies, 3D theatres also popped up in my neighborhood as well. In fact, the 3D theatres replaced the traditional theatres in the neighborhood. This changed the way how people enjoy movies as well. In fact, people can now get a realistic 3D experience while they enjoy their favorite movies. 4D theatres have also come to the world and I have seen them in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, I could not still go to a 4D theatre and I am planning to visit a one in the near future.

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When I recall my memories, I remember the hassle that we had to go through in order to watch a movie. In fact, we had to wait in those long queues to get into the cinema. On the other hand, we did not have the chance to watch any movie that we prefer at any given time. Time has changed everything and now I can simply watch a movie at the comfort of my home whenever I want.

Now I rarely go to the theatre in order to watch a movie. That’s because I can simply enjoy my favorite movies at home. There are even dedicated television channels for movies. Some days I find myself immersed in movie marathons as well. Last year I got the Netflix subscription. Now I can watch movies on demand. In fact, this helped me to watch my favorite movies at the time I want. For example, now I can find a movie that perfectly matches with my mood. Therefore, films have become a personal affair to my life within the past couple of months.

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During the past couple of years, my mobile phone became a part of my life as well. As a result, I enjoy watching my favorite movies on my mobile. Whenever I travel large distances, I prefer to take out my phone and enjoy a couple of movies. I can simply get the movies on demand through Google Play service to my mobile.

As you can see, films have changed significantly during the past few years. They would go through many more changes in the future as well. I believe that people will get more opportunities to enjoy movies in a unique and interesting way. Moreover, I believe that they would get closer to the lives of people as well.

Here is the explanation of what is the job of a crew call


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