Are you looking for IT Filipino jobs in Canada that are hiring right now? well, there are lots of IT fields that you can choose from like programmer, computer technician, software engineer, IT engineer, technical support, etc. You just have to find an accredited POEA agency that has a job order already.

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Many IT professional are stuck in the Philippines and getting old without even working outside the country. It is because it is hard to find an IT job in Canada if you are a Filipino even though you have some experience already or even having many IT certificates. Also even though you are graduate from  a top university in the Philippines, you will have a hard time finding an IT jobs in Canada.

Here are the following jobs that you can try to apply in Canada if you are a filipino

  • technical support engineer
  • software engineer
  • computer technician
  • hardware technician
  • computer operator
  • encoder
  • network engineer
  • programmer
  • web designer
  • graphic designer

You just go to POEA website and then browse the page and you will certainly find some filipino agencies that are hiring IT people in Canada. There is the only way to find a legit agency so that you wont be fooled by those illegal recruiters that will just take your money and you wont hear from there anymore after that, so be careful.

Here is the video on how to get an IT job in Canada for Filipinos

After you watch that video above, make sure to follow his guides or steps so that you could finally land a job in Canada with working visa and as time goes by you could apply for residence visa so that you and your family could migrate in Canada. Please comment below if you have some questions or suggestion on how to apply in Canada if you are a filipino IT graduate in the Philippines.

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