If you are a filipino and want to apply for a job in the country of New Zealand but you are not aware of how to go about it. You should start by contacting an accredited agency in Philippines.  The Filipino agencies have approved job placement in New Zealand and you will not have to pay any placement fee.

The workers who have experience as Civil Engineer, electrician, chef, carpenter, assistant dairy farmer, asphalter, welder, glazier and steelfixer, they have more chance to get the jobs. The qualified applicants only have to know the right agency where they can send their resume to.

filipino jobs new zealand

Industries that need more workers

As from the official website of New Zealand, there is immediate and long term skilled shortage in

  • Transport
  • Trades
  • Science
  • Tourism
  • hospitality,
  • recreation,
  • health and in social services
  • business
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • construction
  • forestry

NZ jobs for filipino

There is a shortage of gas and oil and in Canterbury region, where the Christchurch city is, they have the shortage of workers in trades, telecommunication, engineering and constructions.

There is no government to government agreement of the two countries  but  agency in Philippines deal with accredited job  agency in New Zealand that have these job orders  from New Zealand.

Where to learn about the available jobs

The people who would like to work in Philippines; they should check the official website of the hiring agencies to see the latest job available.   There are many job agencies in Philippines for New Zealand. You should start by verifying the license status of the company before you decide to give them your resume. You can verify this online. And there are some simple steps to take to be sure that the company the agency has a valid license.

After being sure that the license is valid, you can submit your application. According to the New Zealand law, placement fees and employment fees should not be charged to the new workers in New Zealand.  However, you will have to pay for other fees like immigration and a visa fee and a licensed immigration adviser’s fee.

Here are the jobs hiring for filipino in New Zealand that doesnt need work experience

Filipinos outnumbers foreign workers of New Zealand.  Another reason why many people prefer New Zealand, is their no placement fee policy.  There are thousands of jobs that are expected to be open to the skilled Filipino in this year.  There are over 30,000 job opportunities in New Zealand and even if these jobs are not meant for Filipinos only but they can get a large number of them. When you go to New Zealand, the job is not the only thing you can benefit from but you will also get a chance of getting a permanent residency after working there for three years.  New Zealand has also the highest income opportunity since they charge NZ18 Dollar per hour.

You have also a chance of bringing the family in New Zealand to be reunited. The agencies that employ you will also help you to achieve this.  Since it can be so hard to work away of the family, New Zealand helps workers to bring their families home.  Filipinos are preferred because of their technical and good English skills while they are also more productive and hardworking.

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