Canada is hiring filipino nurse right now and there is a lot of jobs available that you can apply in POEA if you ever go to the main office. This vacancy is open to women who are aged 23 years and over, with Professional License in Nursing, a Bachelor’s Degree and necessary employment experience in the areas of Geriatric, General Ward, Medical Surgical and ICU.

As RN (Registered Nurse), you should be 23 and over, Licensed, BSN Graduate and 3-years experienced in a hospital having over 75 beds. As RN (Registered Nurse), you have to be 23 and higher, Licensed, BSN Graduate and a minimum of 1-years experienced in a hospital having over 100 beds. As NA (Nursing Aide), you must be women, 23 and above in age, Licensed, BSN Graduate and a minimum of 6 months of experienced in working in a hospital with more than 50 beds.

Benefits of getting hired in Canada as a Filipino Nurse

  • Cool weather (you will experience snow)
  • Nice health care benefits
  • High salary (100k+ a month)
  • Best country to work if you are a nurse
  • You can migrate someday

If you really want to work in Canada as a nurse, you really need to be determined and has a lot of courage because working abroad is no joke. You are on your own and you need to be independent. Canada is very cold specially in winter but you are a filipino nurse, so you can take care of yourself.

Since the 1990s there are many hospitals in canada that are hiring already and many filipinos were already migrated since then. Canada is a very good country to settle down if you are a nurse because of nice government and nice people.

canada hiring nurse pinoy

Im a Filipino, Where to apply in Canada as a nurse?

You can go to POEA directly and there are a lot of bulletin boards there that you can see if you go there. Those canadian companies or hospitals are direct hiring with no agencies involved that you need to go. Or you can go to workabroad PH website and browse if there are some canadian countries that are hiring there. Just make or submit your resume to their website online and apply to all nursing jobs in canada for filipino that you can see there hiring.

It is worth it, if you ever get hired in canada as a nurse. The salary is 5x higher or more than the salary in the Philippines. With all that money or salary, you could easily but a house and lot within a year in the Philippines. Also, you could buy a car or SUV with your salary.

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That would be a dream cometrue. See all the filipino nurses that are working in canada, they are rich now and living the life to its fullest. They got fancy things and gadgets already by working only 1 year. What more can you buy if you are already a permanent nurse in canada? you will be a millionaire in no time. You just need hardwork and perseverance, that’s all your weapon in canada.

See the man on the picture above? that would be you now if you work hard to get a nursing job in canada. Look at that snow and people enjoying themselves. Imagine the temperature, it must be so cold. The freezing wind that is blowing on your face.

Here is the video below for you to learn more about being a filipino nurse in canada

Watch the video above and see how the filipino man became a nurse in canada. He said all the things that you need to know. He also told us what are the things that you should do or should not do in Canada if you are working in a healthcare as a nurse. You must watch the video from start to finish, we recommend it.

He also gives some tips and mentions that you do not need to have an experience as long as you passed the nursing exam and English proficiency test.

You do not really need to have some experience as long as you as confident that you can do the job and pass all the exams or test that you need to do because those are the things that are important to you. If you really want to achieve your goals or dreams then do it properly, follow all the guides or tips from the video above.

You do not need to be the best pinoy nurse, as long as you are a nursing graduate and knowledgeable on your job or work, then you will have no problems at all.

Best place to apply a nurse jobs in canada for filipino

  1. Go to POEA main at Edsa
  2. workabroad PH website
  3. Ask your friend or relative in Canada
  4. Read some local news papers
  5. Facebook groups, search for  “pinoy nurse hiring”
  6. Facebook classified pages

Those are the methods or tips so you can find a nurse jobs in canada especially if you are a filipino tryint to go or work in canada and settle down there. Try those places one by one and surely you will find a job and get hired in canada quickly and migrate your family there in the future and you can get your other relatives too as long you can be their sponsor.

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Dont forget to share this article with your friends so it will help them too to work in canada or your former classmates in highschool or college so you can have someone that you can be with when applying. Share this info with them via facebook or twitter or send the article link via facebook messenger or instagram.

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Got questions? If you are interested in any of these jobs, contact a local manpower agency that is accredited by the POEA or comment below if you have some questions or suggestion and we can edit this article for more accurate and more information for our readers. We will try to answer every questions on the comments and guide you properly what to do.

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